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Plastic Pallets

If your business used to rely on traditional pallets, switching to plastic pallets can benefit your company in many ways. Plastic pallets are incredibly durable, making them ideal for businesses that send, receive or manage a lot of deliveries.

They are also easier to keep clean and safer to use and handle, eliminating the risk of splinters and injury from nails. All the plastic pallets we offer at Rebox Storage comply with health and safety standards and are crafted from high-density polyethene, so they can support heavy loads.

In a variety of colours, you can keep your shipments easily organised with a colour-code system.

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Range and Applications

Heavy-duty plastic pallets are extremely durable and can withstand a greater amount of weight and use than wooden or other types of pallets. This makes them ideal for long-term storage and haulage. Because plastic pallets are non-porous, it makes them less susceptible to bacteria and other contaminants, providing better hygiene and safety. Durable yet lightweight plastic pallets are also more cost-effective than wooden or other types of pallets, lasting longer and requiring less regular replacement.

A key benefit of plastic pallets is that they are recyclable when they reach the end of their life, making them an environmentally friendly choice for businesses looking to do their bit with sustainable practices. Furthermore, they are much more compatible with automated systems, which are increasingly revolutionising the manufacturing and logistics industries.

The Perfect Choice

If you are looking for reliable plastic pallet suppliers, Rebox Storage should be your top choice. We offer a wide range of high-quality plastic pallets from many plastic pallet manufacturers in various sizes and shapes for all your storage and shipping needs.

We only stock plastic pallets for sale that are durable and designed to last, making them perfect for use in warehouses, factories and other industrial settings. Contact us today to find out more about or plastic pallets.