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Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet Boxes

These heavy-duty plastic pallet boxes from Rebox Storage are the perfect solution when you need to move heavy items.

Our boxes make moving bulky items simpler and more efficient thanks to their large, reinforced design. Heavy-duty pallet boxes are designed to be moved on a pallet, making them a staple of logistics and warehouse companies and businesses in manufacturing, agriculture and food production.

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Range and Applications

Made from high-density polyethylene, each industrial-grade heavy-duty plastic pallet box is fitted with runners and pallet feet to ensure safe and efficient transportation. They have a strong, reinforced bottom and sides and are available in food-grade material with various solid and ventilated designs.

Able to offer increased durability, plastic pallet boxes are designed to last longer than traditional cardboard boxes and other packaging materials. This makes them ideal for long-distance shipping or storage of heavier goods. Because they are stackable, heavy-duty pallet boxes can be used to maximise space in any warehouse or storage facility.

The Perfect Choice

What’s more, they can be used for a variety of applications, including transporting materials within a facility or between sites, and are compatible with many automatic handling processes in use today.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty plastic pallet box to keep your stock and deliveries organised, you’ll find a range of sizes and colours to meet every need. You can colour code your shipments according to product type or customer, with a range of capacities, to ensure your inventory gets from A to B undamaged. Explore our full range of products at Rebox Storage online or contact us for more help and advice.