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Alison Dollies

At Rebox Storage, we offer a selection of robust, heavy-duty plastic dollies for the safe and easy transportation of crates, boxes, trays, and other storage containers. Whether you want to move items between floors or from one station to another, dollies are a simple addition to your handling solutions which can speed up your practices and reduce the risk of injury.

Alison Dollies are a type of hand truck specifically designed for transporting bulky items such as furniture, appliances and other large and heavy items. They are typically constructed from high-grade steel and plastic and are designed with a wide and high platform to provide stability and leverage when moving items.

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Product Capacity

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Product Style

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Range and Applications

Alison Dollies are often used in many retail, manufacturing and logistics operations as they provide a convenient and safe way to move heavy and large items in tight spaces. Dollies are also used to transport items from one truck to another, allowing for efficient and safe transportation of goods. This makes them ideal for use in storage and shipping applications.

Our durable and hygienic food-quality polyethylene dollies are designed to avoid dirt traps for easy cleaning. These strong, smooth-surfaced dollies can safely carry varying loads depending on the model, and are equipped with swivel braked wheels for manoeuvrability and secure location. They are available in a range of colours to distinguish individual products or operational areas.

The Perfect Choice

Designed to be easier to manoeuvre than other dollies, they are ideal for compact and difficult-to-reach areas. Compatible with adjustable arms, they can accommodate a variety of different sizes and weights. Alison dollies can even be stacked when out of use, allowing you to save space and keep your items organised.

A key component of any supply chain, Alison dollies help to efficiently transport goods and materials around work areas for maximum efficiency. Browse our range to learn more about our Alison dollies, or get in touch with us today.