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Heavy Duty Moving Dollies

Are you looking for a safe and efficient way to move products, crates and containers around your warehouse, premises or factory? Look no further than Rebox Storage’s range of heavy-duty dollies. Our plastic moving dollies are manufactured using durable, high-quality polythene and feature heavy-duty dolly wheels, making them suitable for industrial use.

A heavy duty dolly trolley is a wheeled device used for transporting heavy loads. They are made of strong materials such as steel or aluminium or robust, high-grade plastic and usually have four caster wheels that make transporting bulky items easy.

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Range and Applications

Some of the objects you can transport on dollies include furniture, appliances, boxes, shipments and other large items. We also have options that can be used indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile tool.

Various businesses, including logistics companies, removal firms, warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants and auto repair shops, use moving dollies. When you add a range of heavy-duty dollies to your fleet, you improve the mobility and portability of goods around your premises, speeding up processes and saving time and money. Dollies can also help with your inventory management. They help keep areas organised and clutter-free, as items can be quickly and easily moved out of the way.

The Perfect Choice

Above all, dollies are a key component of safe handling, allowing users to easily move heavy items from one location to another without incurring strain and reducing the risk of injury from lifting and carrying.

At Rebox, we offer a vast range of configurations and options to choose from, including Alison dollies, A-Link dollies, and classic plastic dollies in a variety of sizes and colours. Each option in our range is designed for different tasks and environments, so why not browse our range or get in touch with us for more advice about the right heavy duty dollies for your needs?