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Plastic Mobile Container Trucks

Plastic mobile container trucks from Rebox Storage are the ideal way to transport a wide range of materials, from small components and products to large stock items.

Our plastic container trucks are designed with functionality, mobility, durability, and safety in mind so you can easily move your goods around your workplace or warehouse.

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Quality and Experience

At Rebox, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on offering quality products designed to last while helping our customers save money. Our plastic containers meet strict safety standards, making them perfect for transporting food, hazardous materials, sharp objects, and other items that need exceptional care during transportation.

What’s more, we offer a wide variety of plastic containers, from plastic pallets and plastic totes to plastic mobile container trucks. All our plastic products are designed to increase efficiency in the workplace and provide you with a secure storage solution for your items.

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Our plastic mobile container trucks are robust, versatile, and dependable, ensuring that you can easily move goods around the warehouse or workshop without worrying about any damage or loss. With easy manoeuvrability and safety features, these plastic storage trucks will help keep your workspace organised and efficient.

Browse our range of plastic mobile container trucks today. All products are available for quick delivery, and our dedicated sales team are on hand to assist you in getting the right products for your storage needs. We also offer competitive pricing and quantity discounts, so speak to us today to learn more.