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Plastic Lidded Storage Boxes

These plastic-lidded storage boxes provide improved levels of protection compared with cardboard boxes, making them ideal for storing high-value items and protecting against dust, moisture, and humidity. The hinged lids are fully fitted to each box for extra security, so you can be sure that your goods stay in place during transit.

Tamper-evident seals deter any interference during distribution when using our plastic lidded boxes. As an additional safeguarding measure, the lids are equipped with a ticket window, allowing you to apply labels securely while ensuring they remain fully visible to couriers.

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Although large plastic boxes with lids are great for many storage solutions, transporting them may cause issues.

Our stacking boxes in large quantities can be difficult and dangerous to move without the right equipment, so Rebox Storage offers dollies specifically designed to transport and manoeuvre our plastic-lidded storage boxes with ease.

The heavy-duty platforms are fitted with locking wheels, making it easy to move your boxes around without worrying about them slipping away or falling over.

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Get the reliable protection you need for your high-value items with Rebox Storage’s plastic-lidded boxes. Rebox is the largest independent stockist of plastic storage boxes and has over 30 years of industry experience, so you can trust we know what we’re doing.

We offer our plastic crates with lids in various colours and sizes, making them perfect for homes, schools, and businesses. In addition, we require no minimum order quantities. Our large plastic storage boxes with lids are also available with fast delivery and competitive pricing.

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